Frequently Asked Questions:  Here are some questions and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions asked about our Big Brothers Big Sisters Florida License Plate, and about our Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs  here in Florida.

We receive $25 each year that you keep the plate on your vehicle.

We like selling our license plate as a fundraiser because it is something all of our agencies can do throughout Florida in a unified way. In addition, the more vehicles that display one of our license plates, the more people see our brand and think about becoming one of our great volunteer mentors. Finally, this is an effective and inexpensive way for us to raise funds, across Florida.

We wanted a license plate that looked like Florida, and that Floridians would enjoy having on their vehicle. The big and little beach chairs are meant to represent the ‘Bigs’ and ‘Littles’ in our program.

‘Bigs’ are the Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers who donate their time with the
Little Brothers and Little Sisters assigned to them by one of our agencies across Florida.

The children we serve are referred to us by their parent or legal guardian, their teacher, guidance counselor, other social service organization and a host of other sources.

They are often children who need a male or female role model or mentor in their lives. A significant percentage of the children we serve are from single parent families, are growing up in a household at or below the poverty level, are at risk for failing in school, and/or are at risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system.

In Florida, we believe that by working collaboratively we can achieve so much more than always working alone as separate organizations.

So, in 1995 we incorporated Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Florida, Inc. as a separate 501(c )(3) organization that focuses on statewide, collaborative fundraising that engages all of our 11 member agencies here in Florida, as well as statewide advocacy for our mentoring programs for children and youth, and the evaluation and impact of our services statewide.

Our Big Brothers Big Sisters license plate can now be purchased in person at any county tax collector office in Florida.

Unfortunately, Florida does not yet offer that as an option to us.

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has a great web-site, with lots of great information and data. We encourage you to visit it at www.flhsmv.gov.

Our Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Florida shares the proceeds of these license plate sales with our 11 agencies here in Florida based, in part, on where the purchase of that license plate took place.

Our State Association uses these funds for marketing, and to assist us in paying for many of our administrative costs incurred in providing our services to our member agencies here in Florida.

Our member agencies uses these funds for marketing and the costs of its operations such as paying for criminal record background checks on its volunteers, training and a host of other costs.

If you have other questions, please submit those to us under ‘Contact Us’ on this same website. Thank-you!